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"The only way out of ignorance is AWARENESS, which includes looking at the facts."

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Fri, 2014-10-31
U.S. Embassy in Egypt Warns of Jihadist Threat to American Schools
The U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, is helping to improve security at American schools in the area as well as those that have large numbers of Americans students or teachers in response to a general terrorist threat.
Wed, 2014-10-29
Supply Chain Management Best Practices for 2014 and Beyond
Supply chain risk management can be difficult, says Gustavo Passa, Ryder Supply Chain Solutions' security director for Latin America. Among the challenges Ryder faces in Mexico are the theft of products and trailer hijackings, smuggling, and complying with anti-smuggling regulations from U.S. Customs.
Tue, 2014-10-28
International Airline Trade Association Seeks Security Revamp
Officials from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) called for changes to national and international aviation standards and security procedures at a recent security conference in Washington, D.C.
Mon, 2014-10-27
Do You Know What Apps Your Employees Use?
One of the major cloud security challenges faced by employers today is employees' use of unauthorized cloud apps in the workplace.
Sun, 2014-10-26
Wearable Devices Pose Security Risk as Use Is Stretched
A former National Security Agency official this week warned about the unanticipated security and privacy risks that employers are likely to face as wearable medical devices find their way into the workplace.
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